Re-Engineering & Migration Maintenance Projects

Re-Engineering and Migration

In order to transform an enterprise into a tightly integrated portfolio of applications that work together seamlessly, re-engineering legacy systems and migrating to a new one almost becomes necessary. Software re-engineering provided by us can therefore have a huge impact.

Legacy systems bring with them a host of challenges in daily operations:
  • Because a lot of these heritage systems use older technology, they do not benefit from the efficiency leaps made by modern technologies.
  • They are expensive to maintain because of higher support costs (including infrastructure and licenses) and fewer developers with the know-how.
  • Often, they do not have complete documentation, which makes bug fixes and change management a difficult task.
  • They are difficult to integrate with newer technologies.
  • It is difficult to create a mobile front-end

To top it all, more often than not, somebody like us has already built the same functionality you need in a faster, more intuitive and more secure application.


SITS can transform heritage software into high-performance, easy-to-use applications that are designed to respond quickly to changing business needs. Our offerings include:

Application Portfolio Technology Assessment

With due support from our clients, we analyze the entire enterprise application portfolio along with supporting platforms and develop an assessment report for current as well as forecasted business scenarios. We suggest changes or enhancements to the technology map based on quality, performance and maintainability indexes.

Service Enablement

We enable organizations to deliver automated processes to their users in order to enable services in a way that positively influences the time and effort taken to perform daily tasks and activities. For this, we deconstruct the service into the following steps: Analyse, Plan, Design, Code and Test. This process of engineering allows us to provide users with efficient service enablement.