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ERP for Schools, Colleges and other Educational Institutions

SITS ERP software is customizable ERP software solution for schools, college and other educational institutions. We provide cost effective and easy to use solution for managing overall detail of educational institutions using advanced ERP system instead of manual processes.

From managing student’s registration, admission, fee, transport, placement, exams, hostel detail and HR records, IT enables users to update complete process and gives them a greater insight into their business, so that user can make decisions dependence on real time information.

Key Features of SITSLIVE ERP

ERP Software Company

SITSLIVE ERP Software developed for small to large educational organization with different features.

SITS ERP Modules

SITSLIVE ERP is the one solution that suits to all your requirements.

  • Course Management
  • Basic Settings
  • Student Management
  • Document Management
  • Certificate

  • Academic Calendar
  • Subject Management
  • Assessment
  • Unit Management
  • Topic Management
  • Syllabus Management
  • Group Management
  • Student Management
  • Attendance
  • Assignments
  • Reports Academics
  • Webinar's
  • SMS Portal

  • Period Management
  • Subject Management TT
  • Manage Time Table
  • Reports Time Table

  • Exam Management
  • Manage Exams
  • Reports Exam
  • Online Exam
  • Examination Form

  • HR Settings
  • Payroll Settings
  • Punch/Leaves
  • Employee Management
  • Leave Management
  • Holiday Management
  • Leave Panel
  • Reports HR

  • Fee Settings
  • Receipt Management
  • Reports Fee

  • Hostel Settings
  • Hostel Management
  • Reports Hostel

  • General Setting
  • Allocate Vehicle
  • Reports TP

  • Library Settings
  • Library Management
  • OPAC
  • Reports Library
  • Sequence Control

  • Placement Settings
  • Placement Management
  • Exclude Students
  • Follow Up
  • Reports Placement

  • LMS Settings
  • Leads
  • LMS Reports
  • Online Exam
  • School Visitor Logs

Choose Package According To Your Need


Starting at

/student for month

  • Core Modules
  • Pro Modules
  • Pro Plus Modules
  • Enterprise Modules
  • Add On Utilities


Starting at

/student for month

  • Core Modules
  • Pro Modules
  • Pro Plus Modules
  • Enterprise Modules
  • Add On Utilities


Starting at

/student for month

  • Core Modules
  • Pro Modules
  • Pro Plus Modules
  • Enterprise Modules
  • Add On Utilities

Benefits of SITSLIVE ERP

Simplified Admission Process:

Admission process takes too much time for managing detail of students. But SITSLIVE ERP solution make easy this process by showing all essential information on a single platform.

Real-time Data Record:

Employees of each department have real-time access to all required information; they would enable to get all information of changes that happening in the institutions. Real-Time

Automated Fee Payments:

Fee collection is one of the most essential processes. Manually checking of all payment records of each student to get detail fees paid or pending was very time-consuming. But IT makes fee collection smooth and quick with separating fees in categories like tuition, lab, hostel, admission, library and transport.

Centralized Data Management:

Each educational institution has to manage large amount of information such as students, exams, books, courses, lessons and more. This ERP system gets overall information of entire campus in a single place.

Prompt Decision Making:

Educational institutions need to handle large amount of data and generating reports in bulk with different administrative task like admission, fee payment, student accommodation, student enrolment, employee’s payroll and similar. Using SITSLIVE ERP being able to access all the information within a second that means it helps the organization to take important decisions quickly.


Cost-effective ERP solution is beneficial for all educational and other sectors. It automates and updates processes and diminishing the need for manual involvement in administrative activities from student’s admission to exam results

Faster Management Process:

SITSLIVE ERP software provides quick and easy access to information for all department of institutions, helping the management department to provide real-time situation all around view.

Reduced Paperwork:

Overall administrative activities digitalize by ERP, using this all-department heads or employees can simply share any type of information regarding meeting leading to a significant cost saving in paper work.

Data Security:

ERP solution implements multi-layer security protocols that only authorized persons have access to all type of sensitive information of students so that it can not be misused by any unauthorized persons.

Effective Communication:

There are different types of ERP modules for educational departments depending on the need of each institute, it provides individual portals so that every user can access the information, notification and updates. Like parents can access important information regarding student attendance, grades, fee payments and so on.